For El Hogar de la Flauta Travesera the health of its customers is the most important thing. Due to the situation in which we are we must follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health on hygiene and safety measures. 

For the peace of mind of our customers we will provide all our services with the maximum safety and hygiene measures in the following points:

  • All our staff is obliged to carry the necessary material to prevent the spread of the virus, along with constant hand hygiene during the handling of the material.
  • Customers will be received by appointment, individually and strictly respecting hygiene and safety measures.
  • Online orders are treated with maximum security so that there is the least possible contact. The flutes will be disinfected prior to shipment.
  • In our specialized repair shop, the instruments are disinfected before and after repair.
  • Customers who want to test the instruments, must do so in our facilities and follow a strict hygiene protocol for the safety of all.